Munich Airport Webcams

Munich Airport Webcams

Webcam Flughafen München

Located in the capital of Bavaria just 17 miles northeast of Munich near the old city of Freising, Munich International Airport is Germany’s second busiest airport by passenger traffic next to Frankfurt International Airport.

In 2013 Munich International was named the world’s 30th busiest airport and in 2014 handling over 39 million passengers, Europe’s seventh busiest airport and the world’s 14th busiest airport in international passenger traffic.

Munich International Airport as of 2015 offers flights to over 228 destinations in 66 countries and serves as a secondary base of operations for the  the German airline Deutsche Lufthansa, and its alliance airlines Lufthansa Regional and Star Alliance. The largest international carrier in Munich in terms of passengers handled is the Italian regional airline and subsidiary of Lufthansa, Air Dolomiti.

Facts About the Munich Airport

  • Munich Airport named in honor of Franz Josef Strauss, the former Prime Minister of Bavaria has two passenger terminals, served by two runways in addition to extensive cargo and maintenance facilities capable of handling wide-bodied aircraft such as the A380 Airbus.
  • Most of the facilities located at the airport can be found between its two runways. The western part of the terminal is divided into two sections by the approach road and railway. The southern half containing the cargo and maintenance facilities with the northern half housing the administrative buildings, long term parking lot and visitor’s center. The section is followed by the west apron leading to Terminal 1 continues to the Airport Center Terminal 2 and the east apron. Notably in 2014 the airport handled between 20 to 25 million passengers at each terminal.
  • Munich Terminal 1 opened in 1992 is divided into five modules designated A, B, C, D, and E and can handle a total of over 25 million passengers annually. Each module is self-contained and operates as its own sub-terminal with modules A and D reserved to handle the arrivals and departures for flights within the Schengen-area and individual parking and driveways on its landside; while modules B and C used for outside flight destinations with module E handling only aircraft arrivals. Hall F which is a separate module located just outside of Terminal 2 is used for flights requiring increased security such as flights to and from Israel.
  • Additional checkpoints for a small number of flights departing from Terminal 1 are located in the airport’s central area designated Z which included many of the airport’s shopping and restaurant facilities and suburban railway station. Terminal 1 is used by all airlines who are not members or associated with Star Alliance with special consideration to Turkey’s national flag carrier Turkish Airlines. However due to overcrowding at the airport’s Terminal 2 in 2007 the Lufthansa subsidiary low-cost airline Germanwings GmbH and the former affiliate and commercial leisure German airline Condor Flugdienst both relocated their operations back to Terminal 1. Some of the major airlines served by Terminal 1 include, US Airways, Air Berlin, Delta Air Lines, Qatar Airways and several others.
  • Terminal 2 has a capacity of 25 million passengers. The terminal which was opened in 2003 is mostly used by Lufthansa and members of the Star Alliance including BMI Regional, Luxair and Malta. Unlike Terminal 1 Terminal 2 is not divided into modules but instead has all its facilities located around a central plaza. Terminal 2 compliant with airport security regulations is designed to handle passengers arriving from unsecured countries and unlike other airport terminals does not have individual areas for arriving and departing passengers.
  • In 2012 the airport began construction of its satellite building. A planned extension to the existing Terminal 2 scheduled for completion in 2015 the upgrade will see the improvements to the baggage sorting hall located on the east apron to a satellite terminal. The project which was approved in 2010 includes the addition of 52 gates and 27 parking positions 11 slated to handle wide-bodies aircraft such as the A380 Airbus is expected to increase passenger traffic by over 11 million per year. Further plans include an expansion of the satellite building into a ‘T’ shape as well as construction of an additional satellite building and a possible third terminal east of the airport.
  • Munich’s Airport Center connecting the both the airport’s terminals is the only shopping, business and recreation center in the state of Bavaria where persons can shop at a supermarket from 5:30am until 12:00am Sunday to Sunday.
  • Munich Airport is connected to the city by way of the Munich S-Bahn electronic rail transit system. The railway which runs 20 hours per day from the airport through the northwestern suburbs to the city center takes approximately 45 minutes to reach the Marienplatz station located in the city center.

Munich Airport Webcams

München Bayern

Located 41 min south of the Munich International Airport The Free State of Bavaria is Germany’s federal state. Making up for almost one fifth of the total land area in Germany with a population of over 12 million Bavaria is Germany’s most populous state and third largest city in the country. The München Bayern webcam located on top of the Programmdirektion Erstes Deutches Fernsehen building offers online viewers an exclusive panoramic view of the province.

View München Bayern webcam.

Freising – Altstadt Webcam

Just 13 min from the Munich Airport lies the historic town of Freising – Altstadt. The town which was officially recognized as the bishop’s seat during the late middle ages today boasts numerous office and public and residential buildings clubs and civic centers. The Feuerwher Freising website shown in the link below features two webcams located at the main fire station. Camera no.1 provided a view overlooking the street to the southwest while camera 2 pointing west shows an overhead view of towards the old town and Cathedral Hill.

View Freising – Altstadt Webcam webcam.


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