Technology is ever redefining the way that the people on this planet live. The Internet has broken down the walls and barriers that separate us from one another, in terms of language, distance, and cultures. It brings everything and everyone together in one place and makes our daily lives different than they have ever been before.

One of the ways that the Internet has done this is through webcams. Before the rise of technology and electricity people had to wait weeks or months to get letters from one place to another, and photographs were the closest things that came to seeing what another place looked like.

Eventually the television was created, enabling people to get a moving glimpse at other places around the world.

With the Internet, however, and live webcams positioned throughout the globe, anyone just about anyplace can access the web and search for a streaming camera. In this way they can view a certain location—even if it is on the opposite end of the planet–and the weather, traffic, and activity there at this very moment.

Webcams are all the more important for travelers. When you are trying to prepare yourself for going to a new city or visiting a new airport you can certainly read about and research the area, but webcams help you to get a much more intimate look at the place you are going.

Viewing a live streaming camera is the best way to truly familiarize yourself with a particular location, and on that note here are some live airport cams. These cameras are great for those who like spotting airplanes as well as travelers who want to see the conditions around different airports.

Live Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Cam

This live webcam lets you watch planes take off and land in real-time right from Atlanta, Georgia.

The Hartsfeield-Jackson International Airport is one of the busier airports in the United States. Before the airport was built and opened the land belonged to the founder of Coca-Cola, and he had turned the area into a racetrack.

The airport was constructed in the 1920s and it didn’t take long for it to become a very popular airport which handled a lot of traffic. In fact by 1930 the Harsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport was already the 3rd busiest airport in the country. Today it is recognized as one of the busiest airports in the world, and in 2012 it handled around 95 million passengers.

View Live Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Cam.

Webcam of Canberra International Airport

The Canberra International Airport is located in Australia and serves the capital city of Australia, Canberra. Aside from Canberra the airport also serves Queanbeyan, and in general southeastern New South Wales or NSW. The name “Canberra” is derived from the Aboriginal word Kamberra which is believed to mean “a meeting place.”

In Australia the Canberra International Airport ranks as the 8th busiest. In the 1920s an airstrip was laid down in the area where the airport now resides. In the years 2002, 2007, and 2013 the airport won the Australian Airports Association’s Capital City Airport of the Year Award .

View Webcam of Canberra International Airport.

Narita International Airport Live Webcam

Located in Japan, the Narita International Airport can be viewed on these cams. The website features one camera looking north and another camera looking south, giving a wider angle for viewers to watch from. The Narita International Airport is also known as the Tokyo Narita Airport and it was formerly called New Tokyo International Airport.

The international airport serves the Greater Tokyo Area of Japan. The airport is the predominant international airport in the country because it alone handles around half of Japan’s international passenger traffic. It also features a lot of fun things to do for those facing layovers, including Oxygen Lounge Juko, pet hotel, a boutique mall, and reflexology massage stations. No matter who you are the Narita International Airport can be a fun place to visit.

View Narita International Airport Live Webcam.

Live Webcam of Hamburg Airport

This particular camera of Hamburt Airport will let you view airplanes as the taxi and take off into flight. The airport is open from 6:00am-12:00 midnight. In German Hamburg Airport is called Flughafen Hamburg. The airport serves as the international airport of Hamburg. Hamburg is the second-largest city in Germany, after which the airport is named. In Germany the airport ranks as the country’s 5th busiest commercial airport in terms of aircraft movements and passengers counted.

The Hamburg Airport is the oldest airport in the world which is currently in operation. It first opened privately January 1911, more than 100 years ago. The airport was used in the First World War and in the Second World War it acquired its current name.

View Live Webcam of Hamburg Airport.

Václav Havel Airport Prague Streaming Camera

If one of your pastimes is plane spotting this () camera will be great for you. The webcam overlooks runway6 at the Prague Václav Havel International Airport, also simply known as the Prague Airport. The airport was formerly called the Prague Ruzyně International Airport.

It is located in the Czech Republic. In 2014 the airport was the busiest airport in the newer EU member states. In 1919 a military airport was built in Prague but a couple of decades later another was needed, and that was when the Prague Václav Havel Airport entered the picture. Early on in its existence the airport received an award for the architecture of the check-in building of the central airport.

View Airport Prague webcams.

Keep in mind the fact that these airports are situated in different places around the world. This means that it might be daytime at one location but night in another, which may make it harder to gauge weather conditions or watch planes.

You can always view the camera at a different time, of course, when you can get a better view of the airport. If you had a specific airport or location in mind there are plenty of other webcams to check out. There are many unique reasons you may have for wanting to view a live webcam, and here you will have access to high quality cameras all around the globe.