Lisbon Airport Webcams

Lisbon Airport Webcams

Lisbon Airport Webcam

As a city, Lisbon is one of the most magnificent in the world. It adds a certain splendour to an amazing country, offering something unlike many people will know.

Lisbon manages to capture many of the best elements of various countries, creating in return something genuinely beautiful – and a city that, once you have visited it once, you will likely wish to return in the future. It’s this natural attraction and genuine class that makes Lisbon Portela Airport, the major international airport within the city, the location that it is.

As the gateway into the most awesome city in the country, Lisbon Portela Airport acts as the capital to enter the capital. It’s an airport which is a very important part of the Lisbon economy as well as the country itself, giving many people from abroad a chance to enter into this beautiful nation to see it unfold around them once and for all.

This airport holds such an incredible level of importance, though, thanks to the airport being one of the main international gateways into Portugal and for many people the gateway into Europe in the first place.

It’s the 22nd largest airport in Europe and whilst that might not sound much, consider some of the airports that it competes against. The airport deals with around 18m passengers in a year and is also a major cargo location with around 94,000 tonnes of cargo heading through it on average.

It was nominated in the past as the leading European airport five years in a row by the World Travel Awards, a prestigious competition for the quality of air travel put on by various companies around the world for airports that look after clients properly.

The airport itself acts as the main location for TAP Portugal as well as TAP Express to fly from, and is also the focus city for aviation firms such as Azores Airlines, euroAtlantic, Hi Fly, White, EasyJet and RyanAir. The airport, though, is managed by Aeroportos de Portugal and has been a major part of the French aviation group, Vinci airports, since 2013.

Since it first opened in 1942, the airport has quickly established itself as a major part of the world aviation situation and has grown to become a significant part not just of Portuguese aviation heritage, but the overall European scene as well.

For more information about the airport and what it stands for you should check out the official Lisbon Portela Airport website, for further detail.

Map of Lisbon Airport

The airport itself is quite large, featuring two major terminals. Its main building, Terminal 1, houses large landside and airside areas which have various shops and services included throughout.

They also provide you with two check-in halls to work through and joint departure areas to work from. There are 29 gates in this area as well as 7 gates which handle Non-Schengen destinations, making this airport one which has exceptional diversity in the options that it provides.

The second Terminal is much smaller and is used by the lower cost carriers in the airport. It’s located on the southern side of the airport and has 21 check-in gates and 15 departure gates using bus and board walking. This has no shops and instead only houses the basic facilities that you may need when you come to an airport like this.

Terminal 2 can only be reached via free shuttle – the main users of this part of the airport tend to be EasyJet and RyanAir, although others do frequent this location as well.

This brilliant solution should give you all the help that you need to understand the airport and how it works in general. By using this video you can easily start to learn about the airport and the layout that it provides. This video will give you a quick and simple tour of the premises and let you see where you should be going and what various parts of the airport may look like to those who are just arriving.

Lisbon Airport Flight Tracker

Want to keep track on a flight in the Lisbon Portela Airport? Then use this Lisbon Portela Airport flight tracker.

Lisbon Airport Cam

Interested in knowing what Lisbon Portela Airport looks like when you are not there? You can use this brilliant Lisbon Portela Airport webcam to find out what is going on here at all times. This is very useful as it will help you understand and appreciate the landscape and layout of the city as much as anything else.

Not only does this provide a simple and easy way to understand and appreciate the airport and how busy it may be, it helps to arrive here after viewing the webcam. Then you know what you are arriving into when coming.

Lisbon Webcam

This live webcam in Lisbon should help you get a genuine feel and appreciation for the city, helping you see the unique look that it provides and the significant charm that this wonderful city holds. As a place to visit and enjoy there are few places in the world better to visit.

This webcam will help you see what is going on cross the city in the Amoreiras district, one of the most famous parts of the city. You can see a stunning capital which is always on the move and never stops, with this webcam portraying that with ease.

Dom Pedro Palace Webcam

As one of the major hotspots of the city, this webcam of Dom Pedro Palace looks excellent and gives you a much greater appreciation of the city and its overall layout. This is well worth keeping an eye on to give you a fine view of the city and what is going on down below – the webcam also offers a simple and easy way to appreciate the cities overall look and beauty.

You can even see the lovely Tagus River in the distance, offering a fine glance of what this wonderful city is capable of showcasing for all.