Atatürk International Airport Webcams

Atatürk International Airport Webcams

Istanbul Airport Webcams

The Istanbul Atatürk Airport  located in Yeşilköy, on the European side of the city is 15 miles west of the city centre since its opening in 1924 has been the primary and largest international airport serving Istanbul, Turkey by the total number of domestic and international passengers handled next to the Sabiha Gökçen International Airport.

Facts About the Atatürk International Airport

▪  The Istanbul Atatürk Airport in 1980 was renamed in recognition of the founder and first president of the Republic of Turkey Mustafa Kemal Atatürk to the Atatürk International Airport.

▪  In 2013 the Atatürk International Airport handled over 51 million passenger becoming the 17th most busy airport with respect to passenger traffic and the 10th worlds busiest airport by international passenger traffic as well as ranked 5th place among Europe’s busiest airports next to Amsterdam. The Atatürk International Airport was moreover named the best Airport of 2013 in an Air Transport News awards ceremony.

▪  The Atatürk International Airport was listed by the Turkish Chamber of Civil Engineers as one of Turkeys 50 engineering feats among the list of some of the most remarkable engineering accomplishments during the 50 years since the chamber has been in existence.

▪  The Atatürk International Airport has four terminals which are operated by Turkey’s leading airport operators TAV (Tepe-Afken-Ventures) ever since January 2000. Terminal 1, used for domestic flights, Terminal 2 for international flights, Terminal 3 which is used for cargo flights and the forth Terminal which is recognized as a General Aviation Terminal. The TAV since 1998 has financed the airport with more than US$600 million as a form of investment in the day to day operations of the airport later in 2005 securing the concession agreement to control the Atatürk International Airport for 15.5 years with an unsurpassed amount of $4 billion, symbolizing the most ever paid for such a privatization project within Turkey, the Middle East, Eastern Europe, North Africa and the Commonwealth of Independent States. Plans for renovating the Atatürk International Airport by the TAV include the construction of new boarding gates and expansion of Terminal 3, a new air traffic control tower, and 3 new boarding bridges. The TAV in its efforts to plan the construction of a new runway parallel to the existing 05/23 runway is dependent on the outcome of negotiations between the TAV and the Turkish military who currently own the land required to build the new runway.

▪  There are many ways to shuttle between the Atatürk International Airport and the city centre. The Subway Metro Service which exists on the Istanbul Metro line between the Aksaray neighborhood and the Atatürk International Airport runs through some of the major areas of the European city as well as the intercity bus terminal transporting passengers to Aksaray in just under 35 minutes. The Airport Shuttle Service operated by one of the main ground handling companies in Turkey known as Havataş runs on a half-hourly schedule to Taksim Square, Yenikapi, Bakirköy and Aksaray. Additionally Bakirköy has a fast ferry terminal connecting the terminal to the neighborhoods of of Bostanci and Kadiköy. The busses operated by Havataş shuttle in-between the fast ferry terminal and the airport according to the arrival and departure schedules of the ferries. Other transportation methods include the Municipality Bus Service and via motorcar through the costal, D-100 international roadways as well as the Trans European Motorway.

▪  The Atatürk International Airport in the year 2010 was seen facing a number of issues resulting from its capacity to handle passenger and cargo traffic, which saw the airport ranked on a global scale somewhere between 30th and 40th place in its handling of more than 32.1 million passengers and over 900,000 tonnes of combined freight, cargo and mail.

▪  Over the last 5 years, the total number of passengers traveling via the Atatürk International Airport has doubled, with domestic traffic increasing almost by four times in numbers according to the Atatürk International Airport passenger statistics data. Previously the Atatürk International Airport passenger capacity of 14 million international passengers and 10 million domestic passengers was by the narrowest of margins adequate to satisfy the demand experienced between 2007 and 2008. By the year 2015 it is expected that Istanbul’s greater metropolitan region will have an annual demand of 25 million in dome sting passenger travel and over 35 million in international passengers.

▪  In order to meet Istanbul’s growing international and domestic passenger traffic a third large airport scheduled to be named Istanbul New Airport is planned for construction to serve as a source, destination and transit hub to be located on the European side on the coast of the Black Sea.

▪  The Atatürk International Airport allocates a portion of its traffic with the Sabiha Gökçen International Airport which is located on the Asian or Anatolian side of Istanbul and experienced an annual passenger traffic of about 11 million passengers during 2010.

▪  Turkish Airlines Flight 345 on its final approach to the Atatürk International Airport smashed into the Sea of Marmara which connects the Black Sea to the Aegean Sea and separating Turkey;s European and Asian regions, killing all 42 passengers and crew.

Live Istanbul Atatürk Airport Webcam

The link posted below features a live broadcast E. at  N/S taxiway, Runway 17/35L&R of the istanbul Ataturk Airport taken form an off-Airport webcam located on the building at road E. of Runway 17/35.

View Live Istanbul Atatürk Airport Webcam.

Beyazit Kulesi Istambul Webcam via istanbul SEYRET

Also known as the Seraskier Tower the Beyazit tower is a 279 ft fire-watch tower located in the courtyard of Istanbul’s main University campus located about 10 miles east of the Atatürk International Airport. The tower featuring a live webcam offers online viewers with a panoramic view of the University campus and occasionally a glimpse of planes arriving and departing from the Atatürk International Airport.

View Beyazit Kulesi Tower Webcam.


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