Hartsfield–Jackson Atlanta International Airport Webcams

Hartsfield–Jackson Atlanta International Airport Webcams

Atlanta Airport Live Webcam

ExpressJet, Delta Connection, Southwest and Delta Air Lines each average 1,000 flights per day from the Hartsfield- Jackson Atlanta International Airport. The Hartsfield- Jackson Atlanta International Airport Also referred to as the IATA, services areas such as Europe, Africa, Asia and North, Central and South areas of America.

The video features footage of various planes as they land onto various landing locations throughout the Hartsfield- Jackson Atlanta International Airport.  The airport is located primarily in the Clayton and Fulton counties and spills over into the city of Hapeville and College Park. MARTA Red/Gold rail line services the domestic terminal of the airport.

Facts about Hartsfield–Jackson Atlanta International Airport:

  • The Hartsfield-Jackson Airport has been considered as being the world’s busiest passenger airport since 1998.
  • If you are flying from Atlanta you can reach eighty percent of destinations located in the United States within two hours.
  • The Hartsfield–Jackson Atlanta International Airport air traffic control tower is the tallest in North American standing 398 feet tall. It is the 4th tallest tower in the world.
  • The airport is equipped with four fire stations on its premises. The fire station’s staff are all part of the Airport’s Division of the Atlanta Fire Department.
  • Concourse E is equipped to service eight thousand passengers that are arriving per hour.

Atlanta Georgia Cam

The city of Atlanta which is located in the state of Georgia was established in 1837. Atlanta is known as the most used transportation center in the Southeastern area of the United States. Atlanta is composed of 131.7 miles of land and 0.7 square miles of water.

The link below features aerial views of Atlanta Georgia. Skyline views can be seen in the footage. In 2011 the population was estimated at 43,427 earning the city the title of the most populated city in the state of Georgia. Atlanta sits in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains which is 1,050 feet above the sea level.

View Atlanta Georgia webcam.

I-75N Brookwood Interchange

I-75 is located in the Atlanta area of Georgia is known also as the Downtown Connector.  North of the Grady Memorial Hospital is the Brookwood Interchange which is also referred as the Brookwood Split.  The Downtown Connector is approximately 7.5 miles long. The name was officially changed to James Wendell George Parkway in the 2000’s.  It has been reported that the connector transports more than 272,000 vehicles daily.

Featured in the video below is Interstate 75 North at the Brookwood Interchange.  Six lanes can be seen traveling north as well as several lanes heading in the opposite direction. The Interstate is famously known for its constant congestion issues.

View I-75N Brookwood Interchange webcam.

State Route 400 Northridge Camera

U.S highway State Route 400 located in the state of Georgia has limited access until it passes exit 17. State Route 400 starts North at Interstate 85 in the downtown area of Atlanta After exit 17 it turns into an at grade divided highway. The highway features include exit ramps instead of the traditional intersections and traffic lights. Posted speed limits are set at 65 miles per hour ending in the Lumpkin County.

The video link below features multiple lanes on State Route 400 Southbound which ends at US 19/State Route 60/State Route 115.

View State Route 400 Northridge webcam.

Live Tower Cam

Located in the Fairlie- Poplar neighborhood of the downtown Atlanta area on 100 Peachtree Street sits the 35-story Equitable Building. In addition to the Equitable Building several skyscrapers can be found throughout the area such as the Peachtree Center complex and the world’s 17th tallest building, the Westin Peachtree Plaza. The Westin hotel is 73 stories tall and is considered as the 2nd tallest building designated for hotel usage only.

The video footage below features aerial views of Atlanta, Georgia.  The Equitable Building and the Westin hotel can be seen among several other downtown skyscrapers.

View Live Tower webcam.